Thursday, May 31, 2018

Customizing Packages

Packages is easy to customize. Modify your Packages installation to suit your needs.

Modifying the landing page

The main landing page layout exists in views/Default/base.html.twig. You can modify this file as necessary to customize Packages to suit your project or company.

Setting up for local development

Notice: This section is a work-in-progress.

Fork the Packages repository on GitHub.

Clone your fork.

Edit composer.json to add your own namespace to the autoloader, if necessary. Change the composer package name, if desired.

Add upstream remote.

git remote add upstream

Follow the normal install process: modify config.yml, install dependencies, create database and schema.

Check the Docker documentation for details on running Packages with Docker.

Start your webserver and visit index_dev.php in your browser to use Packages in the dev environment. Caching is disabled and helpful errors are displayed.

More info

Check out the Contributing Guide for the recommended way to set up your development environment.

Some tips:

  • Views are written using Twig and stored in views/.
    • Views are cached in prod env; use http://localhost:8080/index_dev.php to develop.
    • All pages inherit from views/base.html.twig, except for
    • Public landing page views inherit from views/Default/base.html.twig.
  • Composer Components are used to manage front-end dependencies. The respective web/images/, web/js/bootstrap.min.js, and such are symlinks pointing to the real files installed by Composer in vendor/.
  • Invoke a webhook with CURL.
    # Replace `123` below with an appropriate Package ID.
    curl -L http://localhost/webhook/123/receive

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