Thursday, May 31, 2018

Upgrading Packages

Since Packages 3.0, backwards compatibility breaks have been carefully avoided. However, upgrading along the 3.x line may require some effort.

3.1.x to 3.2.0

  • Packages 3.2 no longer relies on the git binary to connect to GitHub and GitLab remotes, instead using the respective HTTP API.
  • Packages 3.2 supports new configuration options in the packages: section in config.yml.
    • Specifying name, homepage, and contact_email now reflect on the public landing page.
    • Specifying archive: true and base_path will generate links to dist copies of the dependencies.
    • Check config.yml.dist for a full example.
  • Packages 3.2 code-style has been updated to adhere more closely to PSR-2. Converted all array() initializations to [].
  • Added a package listing page with details on using the repository and packages available.
  • Moved Satis-generated files outside of the web root into satis/ to allow for securing access.
  • Packages now optionally secures the Satis-generated files by specifying secure_satis: true in config.yml
    • If enabled, the application requires the user to login before they can view the available packages.
    • If enabled, the application requires HTTP Basic auth using the configured username and password when accessing Satis-generated packages.json, includes, and dist files.
  • Extended Plugins with the ability to specify HTTP routes and service container compiler passes.
  • Fixed many bugs and usability issues. Better error handling, help hints, rephrasing, etc.

3.0.x to 3.1.0

Packages 3.1.0 introduces the Sami and Clone Project plugins.

First, update your Packages installation using git.

git fetch
git checkout 3.1.0

Next, install updated dependencies.

composer install -o --no-dev

Clear the application cache.

rm -rf cache/*

Finally, run the version's database migration.

bin/console migrations:migrate

3.0.0 to 3.0.1

Notice: Packages 3.0.1 updated its dependency on nice/doctrine-orm which caused the format of config.yml to change.

The doctrine:mapping: section was extended to allow multiple entity managers. Update your config.yml, using config.yml.dist as a guide.

-    paths: [ '%app.root_dir%/src/Terramar/Packages/Entity', '%app.root_dir%/src/Terramar/Packages/Plugin' ]
+    default:
+      paths: [ '%app.root_dir%/src/Entity', '%app.root_dir%/src/Plugin' ]
+      namespace: Terramar
    # ...

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