Thursday, May 31, 2018

Satis Configuration

Enable the Satis plugin on each Package you want to expose via Satis. A webhook will be installed in GitHub or GitLab to enable the automatic update of your Satis repository information.

Note: You must also ensure a Resque worker is running for automatic webhook updating to work. See the section on Resque management for more information.

Manually updating Satis

Sometimes you need to manually build or generate the exposed Satis information. You can do this by using the Packages command-line interface.

Updating satis.json

Notice: This is no longer necessary and is deprecated. In the future it will be removed.

satis.json is the Satis configuration file. This file tells Satis which repositories to look at when generating the package index.

bin/console satis:update

This command generates an updated satis.json with all enabled packages.

Updating the exposed packages.json

packages.json is publicly accessible, exposing information about the available repositories and their branches, tags, etc. Once satis.json is updated, run the build command to update packages.json.

bin/console satis:build

Alternatively, running the satis:update command while passing --build will both update satis.json and build packages.json.

bin/console satis:update --build

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