Thursday, May 31, 2018


Packages requires:

Download the latest release on GitHub or clone the project.

git clone
cd packages

Install dependencies.

composer install -o --no-dev

Copy config.yml.dist to config.yml, editing the values appropriately.

cp config.yml.dist config.yml
vi config.yml

Create your database if necessary, then run the schema tool to create your database schema.

bin/console orm:schema-tool:create

Next, you can use the built-in PHP webserver to test your setup.

php -S localhost:8081 -t /path/to/packages/web

Visit localhost:8081 in your browser and you should see your Packages application.

The final step is starting a background worker. Packages relies on these to perform the heavy lifting behind-the-scenes.

bin/console resque:worker:start &

Note: For more information on the Resque workers, check the dedication section.

Your installation is complete! Login with the username and password you entered in config.yml.

Next up

Using your Packages application.

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