Thursday, May 31, 2018


Note: Packages 2.1 is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a later version.

Packages extends Satis, adding useful management functionality.

Packages automatically registers GitLab project web hooks to keep references up to date. The latest version features a web management interface that allows for easy management of exposed packages and configured source control repositories.


Packages requires:

First, clone the project and install dependencies.

git clone
cd packages
composer install

Next, copy config.yml.dist to config.yml, editing any values necessary.

cp config.yml.dist config.yml
vi config.yml

Run database migrations to create your database schema.

bin/console migrations:migrate

Your installation is complete! Visit the project's web directory from your browser to configure your packages.


Packages uses Resque as a background job processor. For full automation, at least one Resque worker must be running at all times.

Starting a worker

From the command line, run:

bin/console resque:worker:start

Updating satis.json

bin/console satis:update

This command generates an updated satis.json with all enabled packages.

Updating the exposed packages.json

packages.json is publicly accessible, exposing information about the available repositories and their branches, tags, etc. Once satis.json is updated, run the build command to update packages.json.

bin/console satis:build

Alternatively, running the satis:update command while passing --build will both update satis.json and build packages.json.

bin/console satis:update --build

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